Olimpiada Popular

by Morel?

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Essentially this is a concept album chronologizing the outbreak of Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and murky consequences of its outcome.

This project is in many ways also dedicated to all those honest, human, progressive and inclusive ideas which have been repeatedly destroyed in many conflicts before and since, by different political persuasions, right and left alike.

Here you can find what 'Olimpiada Popular' means in historical terms:

1936 Summer Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany, which by that point was firmly in grip of Adolf Hitler. The Völkischer Beobachter (Nazis official newspaper) made it clear that Jews should not be allowed to take part in the Games. Anticipating boycott of the Games by majority of nations, Hitler reluctantly allowed athletes of different ethnicity from other countries to participate. However, German Jewish athletes were barred or prevented from taking part and Jewish athletes from other parts of the world have been side-lined in order not to offend the Nazi government. At the end 49 nations turned up for such preposterous and above all shameful event. As for description of the opening ceremony, read the following quote: "Some nations' athletes purposefully gave the Nazi salute as they passed Hitler. Others gave the Olympic salute (a similar one, given with the same arm), or a different gesture entirely, such as hats-over-hearts, as the United States and China did."


Olimpiada Popular was anticipated, but never held, international multi-sporting event that was meant to take place in Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia within the Spanish Republic. It was conceived as a protest event against 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics. A total of 6000 athletes from 22 nations registered for the games. The largest contingents of athletes came from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and French Algeria. There were also teams from Germany and Italy made up of political exiles from those countries. Teams representing Jewish exiles, Alsace, Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country also registered.

With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War just days before opening ceremony, the games were cancelled. Some athletes never made it to Barcelona as the borders had been closed, while many who were already in the city, made a hasty exit. However, at least 200 of the athletes remained in Spain and joined workers' militias that were organized to defend the Second Spanish Republic against the nationalists.

2016 marks 80th anniversary of those events, and we thought perhaps these could be adequate times to commemorate those brave and rightful individuals and groups who tried to really change the world for better.


released December 12, 2016

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Morel?

Mastered by Pete Maher

Cover idea and design by Jeff Conway

Morel? MMXVI

Emir Hukic
Ervin Vojic



all rights reserved


Morel? England, UK

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Track Name: Second Republic

From this day forward
we shall be building
Future for many
and not just few

In this brave New World
we will be bringing
Justice and Fairness
long overdue

People have spoken
The World have heard
our voices loud and clear
And in the years come
they'll sing songs about us

If you want to make change for better
Do it for many
and not just few

People have spoken
Republic is our chosen destiny
as from the East
the Red Sun is rising

If you want to see your people happy
Do it for many
and not just few

And if you have to sacrifice for something
Do it for many
and not just few
Track Name: 1936

This game they play
Culture of Blame
that always makes you wait for
someone else
to sort your problems out

Well, you deserve
to be observed
to be controlled
and forever live without
any thoughts to call your own
Grown man turned into a pawn
Media creates your point of view
Time is passing
and so are you

Now that you know
You're slave
You're pawn
Will you break those chains
or will you stay inside?

For what is worth
Your loneliness is one of things
you cannot hide

System that you thought would help
just protects you from yourself
You crave ideas to adore
You need cause worth dying for

It makes you feel alive again

I'm stubborn kind
I won't give up
1936 is running through my blood
No pasaran!
They shall not pass!
Purple, yellow, red
is flying on our mast

In the West they speak of war
coming through your bedroom door
You have no time for this empty talk
You found cause worth dying for

It makes you feel alive again
Track Name: Angel of Alcazar

I was born on June the 5th, was apprentice at locksmith
and I was happy with my life, with Maria by my side
She was going to be my wife,
or so I thought.

In spring of 1936, as stench of dirty politcs
like a plague was spreading all around
I didn't care
Was in love
Had my head in clouds
My father said that war soon will be knocking at our door
and we better know which side we are on

Then one night the Communists attacked our village,
burned the church and killed the priest
and twenty four more died that night,
so I had to do what's right by country and by God

At first I couldn't comprehend , if you don't kill, you'll end up dead
So I've learned to trust my gun
and Francisco
and Juan
They saved my life that faithful day
when I lost my mind to news
that Maria's gone away
(to the other side)

In all this blood my youth's been spilt
No time for feelings of love, or guilt
Only weight of truth I know
This cause I'm killing for is not worth living for

It makes me sick, makes me upset to hear them shout:
Long Live The Death!
They'll never make kill for that

For remorse is much too late
yet I kill without a hate
And if there is a God above us
He will know I speak the truth and he will also know
that deep within my soul I'm still praying for them all
And every single night I get haunted by their faces
Every single day I wish I wasn't born

I kill without a hate
Track Name: It's Not Right

How to mend a broken man
who has fallen into pieces one too many times?
How to expect him to believe in Justice
when so many never paid for their crimes?

You thought you had it in your self
to forget and forgive and accept it once for all
But years went by, yet time stood still
and every day this horrid feeling
cuts straight through your soul
and tells you it's not right!

Don't talk to me about the past
if you're hiding all the answers for the sake of pride
It's deadly sin
and I don't mean o abuse your guilty conscience
non existent higher ground

I can spend rest of my Time knowing
that what made us mortal also turned us into a stone
For years went by, yet time stood still
and every day this dreaded feeling
cuts straight through my soul
and tells me it's not right!

What happened to us just isn't right.
Track Name: Deluge Follows Drought

You wake up knowing that your life would never be same again
Yet outside they don't share your worry
You can hear them celebrate

Images of days gone by and man queing up for war
Cheering on their own demise
Yes, it's happened many times before

So, what can you do,
but sit and stare in despair
What can you do?
PTSD, life's not fair

So you haze through the rest of that day thinking
surely there's been some mistake
Then you panic for next few weeks
contemplating escape

Now you know how Noah felt when he went to build an ark
No one believed a word he said
They all thought he'd lost his mind
and they all laughed
Noah, man, you're barking mad
They laughed
until their throats were dry with sand

Them fools
didn't know that

Come on mate, be my mate
our friendship will reinstate
All these things we got in common
pretty much to go on

Calm down dear child
it's business time as usual
Every day is day in past
life just cannot bare it now

We all do what we do
it all comes so natural
With nightfall you get scared
that's how they manipulate

Fear, fear, fear, fear is real
in opposition hope appeal
Who knows who will make a stand
drought will understand

It's time for deluge
It's time for deluge
It's time

PTSD life's not fair

We all do what do we do

Do do do what do you do
Track Name: Never Seen So Many

We live in times of greatest expectations
yet everyone is standing on the brink
and no one dares to ask any questions
They said Titanic would never sink

We live in times of religious fractions
Lunatics who kill as they see fit
They say I'm only looking for reaction
They say I'm only patronizing git

Yet I've never seen so many cry for money
Spent their way to happiness
Got there, found there's nothing left

We've been sold illusion of fulfillment
that always keeps us begging for more
They say I'll never find my way to Heaven
Well, they don't know that I've been there before

Not even fear of God compares to love of money
All convictions thrown away
once fortune comes their way

And I've never seen so many kill for money
Weird reflection in their eyes
Euro, Pound, or Dollar sign
Track Name: War is a Habit

War is a habit
Rich decides who's gonna have it
They got this word, word is tactics
First make them hungry, they'll start fighting
Balance it out, control all sides
Find a nutter, load him with guns
Turn the blind eye and get the job done
How many zeroes after one
Two, three, four, five or more
Does it really matter
Build a structure to cover our sins
Church, mosque, bordello in a Holiday Inn
Charity shop, amusement park
UN observers for accurate count
Constantly rising number
Who knows how many
There was this girl they called her Mary
She had Gods child who tried to end this
Becoming most known victim of this deadly habit