Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum

by Morel?

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A Journey in Sound.


released January 12, 2016

Emir Hukic, guitars, backing vocals, vocal on Burning Freely.
Ervin Vojic, guitars, vocals, yamaha rm1x

Kole - guitar solo on Ljubavi

Album cover designed by Jeff Conway @ pushingnormal

All songs written, performed and produced by Morel?

Mastered by Pete Maher



all rights reserved


Morel? England, UK

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Track Name: 5:42 am

Iznova se spremna budi
Jadikovka ta bez kraja
Nista vedro u njoj nejma
Ni dobrote niti sjaja

Sabah zora tmurna rudi
U Londonu sjevernome
Sav taj polusvijet se budi
Tudje ide gradit snove

I ko ne bi htio ostaviti sve to zbog tebe?

Kad ja nemam nikog osim tebe duso, hej
Nemam nikog osim tebe duso, hej

Sjeta davno proslih dana
Prekriva nam tuzne face
Glad za praznim zadovoljstvom
Pokrece zive mrtvace

I ko ne bi htio...
Track Name: Azra

Oh Azra darling, come outside
Night is mellow, Moon has risen high
Stars are illuminating sky
They spark so brightly, but seldom like your eyes

Oh, can't you hear me call your name
In despair and through regrets
Sweet promises to you I made
I haven't kept

Oh Azra sweethart, talk to me
I've been so lonely since you've set me free
Your silence is tearing me apart
No forgiveness for me in your wounded heart

Oh can't you hear me call your name...

Now you curse day that you saw me
Now you tell'em that you never ever loved me
Now you pray for strenght to forget me
Now you wish that you've never ever met me
Track Name: Daleke Ptice

Sinoc sam ti sam u sebi mrtav plako
Stisnulo me, prelomilo tek tako
Vrati se, postanimo opet jedno
Sto znao sam zaboravih, il mi svejedno

A znam da bol nece proc

Kisne gliste, mladi mjesec, krv i sloboda
Tu gdje je bara nekada bi bistra voda
Pricaj o necem petom il trecem, kamenog lica
To nije vjetar, nego pjesma dalekih ptica

A znam da bol nece proc
Kao ni ova noc

Prljavo nebo, prozirna tama, ledene vatre
Na ovom putu samo me sjenke u stopu prate
Ni crno, ni bijelo, moje odijelo duginih boja
Preko trnja, putem zvijezda, do spokoja

Sad znam da bol mora proc
Kao i ova noc
Track Name: Oh Yeah

Jos uvijek nas ima od krvi i dima
U srcu je vatra, u glavi sve stima
Vremenom neki postase meki
Vremenom mnogi postase strogi

Oh yeah

Ohani malo, vazda se znalo
Nebo je zuto, sunce je plavo
Odvedi, dovedi, pocrni, osijedi
Ne strahuj od noci, ni tog sto ce proci

Oh yeah

I svidja se svima ta bozja masina
I niko ne zeli u raj da se seli
Daleko od Boga, bez ikoga svoga
Dok po zraku se mota tajna zivota

Jos uvijek nas ima od znoja i dima
To carobno mjesto, ta predivna klima
U srcu sve isto, u dusi sve cisto
Bez fatalne mane, bez sanse da stane

Oh yeah, energija
Oh yeah, energy
Track Name: Burning Freely
Burning freely

“I’m driven the mission from God,
God would tell me:
George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan,
and I did.
And than God would tell me George go end the tyranny in Iraq,
and I did.
And now again I feel God’s words coming to me:
Go get Palestinian their state and get Israelis their security,
and get peace in Middle East.
And by God I’m gonna do it.” G.W.B. (Newsreader for some TV station, quoting BBC)

Recently He has spoken to me
Advised me to feel free
To let you know you’ve got it all wrong
Maybe its different one
I really don’t know

What I was told made me think about you on daily basis
What I’ve realized, it’s not you
As you’re dumb fuck with control buttons on your back

I know they’ve got a plan
And plan works fine so far
Pipelines are secured
New objectives are in sight

War installment interest is higher
We’ve got messiah

Whole entire truth can be false
Depending on the source

Privilege is yours, all you have to do is
Read auto-cue and give an order:

“Kill all ya!”
All is done by a friendly fire

Come on man, we might be dead in your head
Hey dude, what’s the problem? Can’t you show us bit respect?
We might be no one we might be small,
However you measure human existence
One thing is for sure compassion is what you’re missing

It will all pass no reason for lies

Lies, names, bribes
Contract signed, innocent dies
Leaving space, fertile ground
Another one comes just to be told these lies

Lies, names, bribes
Contract signed, innocence dies
And above the grave flies
The flag and the Sun

And there’s the Sun
Have a look at it
Not a being, nor higher
Just providing energy

And there’s the Sun
Want to question it?
Freedom is denied
As the Sun is burning freely
Track Name: Ljubavi

I don't need no sacred memories to protect me from loneliness
My life has always been a bliss
When i was splendid
When i was mess

We're not the same
And i don't think you want my words and thoughts to lead your way
But freedom is still far away

If those who died could tell a story
It would be one of sorrowful regrets
Of wasted time chasing empty glories
No time to cancel all those losing bets

Never fear me and always trust me
But never let me break your heart
Oh I love you, oh I love you

The day we met was set in stone
Angels led us to each other
For every flame that dies out
Life will always spark another

This night is freezing
This night is burning
Our naked bodies keep dark ablaze
Oh I love you, oh I love you